Born in the amazingly diverse landscape of New Zealand, Troy has grown up being constantly exposed to a mixture of cultures, races and religions. With the majority of his upbringing occurring within Auckland city and the eclectic range of people that it holds, he has always been inquisitive as to how humans think, feel and interact with one another and the land that they are from.

This lead him to completing a degree in communication studies, in which visual communication became his forte. Documentary photography was always the medium that Troy gravitated towards, trying to learn and understand how he could capture those around him in moments of exchange and emotion without altering the scene too much with his presence.

At the age of 26 he has traveled across many parts of the world searching for stories that are often off the beaten track that tell us something different about the world we live in. From Greek protests to Moroccan street festivals to Maori tattoo ceremonies, he endeavors to capture scenes with an intimacy that makes you feel as if you are right there alongside him.

Troy now spends his time between New Zealand and The Netherlands, constantly curating and planning new stories to show you all.

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